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Fasting & Feasting

Ekadashi Alternatives

it takes a while to realise that this is actually cauliflower

I took pictures of the process , only to find that my camera had no memory card.

I promise full process pics for my later posts.

This cauliflower bhurji is my creative mums invention.

Fasting really can mean feasting.

You will need:

1 cauliflower

1 green pepper

1 1/2 tsp jeeru

1 cup ricotta

1/3 cup of pine nuts

1 tsp green chilli

1 tspn garam masala

1 tsp tumeric



olive oil


Using a processor finally chop the veggies.

Heat about 2 tbspn of olive oil in a non stick deep pan.

Fry the jeeru and chilli lightly, add the pine nuts to toast.

With the heat on medium, throw in the chopped veggies and cook for about 7 mins. Be sure to stir now and then to get an even, toasty result. Add the ricotta and mix. Allow to cook for another 3 or so minutes.

Garnish with black pepper, creme fraiche and coriander.

Dinner is served!

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Grab :

2  ripe avos

2 tbspn lemon juice

1/2 tsp paprika




Whip up:

In a bowl, mash the avo to a smooth(ish) consistency.

Add the lemon juice and give it a good mix.

Add the rest of the ingredients to taste.

Enjoy with chips, wedges, nachos, toast..actually..on anything!

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The Muse

one late evening of table studio dinner

It’s time to say grace. I’ve been thinking/talking/notplanning this blog since last year.

Today being Ekadashi, I finally pushed myself to take the time to activate the food link of Table Studio – a DO tank that is the result of enriching studio days and nights with Kate. Also, I thought it would be an auspicious day to start a new project.

Thank you Kate for the Table (literally). MArch is over, and the journey has just begun.

I’d like to mention that since TblStudio is an urban-global-local-architectural-life-object-people-everything initiative, sustainability is a main ingredient on the TblStudio menu ( this is my subtle hint at Vegetarianism).

I hope you all will help me to get better and better…feel free to post comments, questions, responses and pictures of your own constructions!


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