An umpteenth edit of my “About” page tells me that I really need to learn how to introduce myself!

My name is Nerali 🙂 I live in the interesting Afropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa.
I never really realised how difficult it is to tell the unknown world all about myself. Yikes!

The story of my blog is a long, complicated one..which I still need to articulate in order to do justice to it!
It all started with one gorgeous wooden  table in my studio at university, during my Masters year.Studio meetings with my friend Kate were challenging, inspiring and productive, model making went beyond the norm and often resulted in sculptures of beauty and expression, make-shift dinner time was always elegant.. no matter how limited the ingredients were. Tea time was all the time. Our gorgeous wooden table was also great for sleeping on, quick studio manicures, brainstorming, breakfast, lunch, cooking, messing ,wasting time, crying and skyping.
My little haven. a creative space that inspired me to start this blog.

Yes…I’m an Architect. I’m in love with food.  I can’t get enough of making beautiful things, edible and otherwise!

I aim to live by a sattvic diet…inspired by my Guru HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I don’t consume any type of flesh, onion, garlic, or alcohol.

Creating a food blog was one of the things on my bucket-list  It’s still in the early days, but I am hopeful that my blog will be able to contribute significantly to all of you out there who are just looking for a meat free meal.

Food is somehow more rewarding than architecture, not forgetting that it is certainly more forgiving! Although…the rewards do tend to pile up in their “Weight”..that’s a story for another blog 😉 I do try to offer healthy options..with the exception of indulgence now and then.

I am no professional photographer but I intend on getting there within the next year. I am using my first DSLR Camera – Canon 550D which my dad got for my sister last year ( I have just hijacked it). I am pretty sure that soon I will be using a Hasselblad;)

I hope you enjoy going through my blog, and that the posts come in useful for you! Your feedback is most welcome, please dont hesitate to give me your ideas and tips on how I can improve my blog, as well as any food requests you may have.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Divya Patel says:

    Connected with you on this, Nerali, very interesting, will keep you posted and will also add you on our closed cooking group on fb, its called our cooking journal,,,,,

  2. Katie says:

    Incredible. Its making me think of going vegetarian…..

  3. MRG says:

    Hi Nerali,
    I came across your blog on the Foodie Blog Roll, it’s great!
    xo Marez

  4. Hi Marez, thank you so much:)

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